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Saturday, 7 October 2017

How does OneAd application work? Earn money from mobile application.

make money onead
Make Money

How to Earn money online?

Now a days there is many websites and applications for money making. But my question, Is it easy to make money online?  No, its not easy. Some people makes it easy but it takes time. Whenever you join any money making plan, you need to work hard in early time but later it becomes easy for making money.

Apart from mobile applications there are several PTC and GPT sites.

Why those websites and mobile application pays money? Do they pay from own pocket?

They pay us money because we work for their benefit and they only share some amount from their benefit. No, they never pay from their own pocket, they get money from advertisements which are being shown on their websites and app. Actually payment cames from advertisements, so for using these money making Applications we should never use any adbocker otherwise we will be disquilified resulting in account suspension and money loss.

What is OneAd? How does it work?

This is an exclusive application which gives you Offers and deal. OneAd gives unique offers which can't be found anywhere easily. They gives discount offers and coupons also. This application shows advertisement on lock screen and on OneAd application. Pleaple can advertisement their busenes by this application by paying some money to application. And those are the money which users get by this this application.

It works by referring to friends and people and by Showing advertisements.

This application can be referred to friends and relatives. For each referral you will start earning monthly income upto level 10 referral. If you refer 6 member and those each member refer 6 people, inthis way upto Level 10 you make 25 lakh per month. But this is very hard to reach the target. So, if you can't earn 25 lakh, then atleast you can make some thousand per month.

My suggestion is to refer more people not only 6 people, this way you can make more money.

How to refer easily and make big network ?

We all are familier with some social site and messaging site like Facebook. We can get great benefit from those websites. Promote your referral code on those posts where comments are in thousands and more. Like- comments your referral code with attractive message on posts of Salman Khan page and on those pages where followers are in million. This trick will help you to get big network member on your OneAd.

If you have any question regarding it you can ask on comment section.

You can Join OneAd with referral ID -     5W3D1Y 
please note it down on a page because you will need it during registration.

How to get OneAd application?

You can find it on Playstore if you are an Android user. Just search for the name onead. Dont write like "one ad". Type in search box "onead". You will find the OneAd application and the install.

How to register on OneAd?

This is an easy process, you will have to fill the form with Your Name, Date of Birth, Mobile number, the mobile number should be with you because you will get OTP for verification and then give a password for privacy. Note- Never forget your password. The most important thing it will ask for is referral code, So enter this Referral code  5W3D1Y. And you are done now.

Benefit from OneAd mobile application.

After your registration finished on OneAd, you will get 3 rupees instatnt on your balance section. In you expected monthly income you will see Zero balance. When you refer and make team then you will see monthly income. But you will get balance daily in you caaount. If you refer more and more people you will see more monthly income. Apart from this benefit you will get daily Points.

Daily balance or Daily income.

This balance is the amount you get in your account every day. This can be calculated by:

Expected monthly incime / 30 = Daily income

Suppose your monthly income is 900 then your daily income is:

900/30 = 30.

Plus point is you will earn money daily. And minus point is you will have to see ads.

When you see ads on your lock screen, below of you screen written "Slide to unlock" and just slide from there.

OneAd withdrawl account setup.

From setting you will see MY Profile, In your profile you can update your bank account information for money withdrawl directly in your account.

If you are not registered to OneAd then register now with referral ID     5W3D1Y

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